The female with hair as black as these letters you’re reading high-jumped out of the jacuzzi and trotted over to the stack of towels.
“Come on. I’ll do it with you.” She bent forward and roughly dried her hair. Water washed down her waist and curved sharply over her big, fat-round ass. The sight of a wet black thong bikini between her asscheeks captured the deeply-religious man’s attention. I ask you God, give me a sign my thoughts for this woman are not breaking any of your commandments. Have her not look at me and I will not look at her.
The noirette’s head tilted and with one eye fluttered her thick eyelashes. The model’s wink forced Mohammad into action and he joined her at the brightly lit table. God may disapprove, but I like her, he said to himself. Mohammad removed the lid and pulled the ceramic spoon up to his nose. He sniffed. The woman with long black hair watched him with doe eyes. She slowly took the spoon from his hand. Mohammad studied her movements. She resembled a doll to him, a doll with beautiful breasts. The spoon hovered next to her flawless skin. He observed her snort.
“This spoon’s tiny.” She snorted a second and taller spoonful without asking.
“It doesn’t even serve a bump, just half of one. Just a bu.”
The model’s soft chin and high cheek bones were utterly feminine to Mohammad, as he listened to her talking.
“I want a bump that makes me need to wear a Goddamn seatbelt.” She dipped the spoon in the powder a third time and blasted it up her nostril. She shoveled a fourth hit into her dome. The spoon moved up and down with more zest than if found in the hand of a hyper-active six-year-old standing above their favorite sugary breakfast cereal.

However, to the ex-champ she glowed with womanliness, yet at the same time her personality was aggressive. Everything about her became dazzling and Mohammad liked it. Mohammad’s heart rate spiked. He was breathing heavily. Destiny saw his eyes were dilated and she winked again and decided to laugh, because Mohammad so easily put all his cards on the table. This woman could recognize the tracks of infatuation in the dark.
“Do you talk?”
He stopped ogling her flesh and collected his thoughts.
“I left my drink over here.”
He raced over to grab it. With his bottle at his lips, he walked back toward her. She gently bit on her own thumb when staring at Mohammad. He smiled at her smile.

Then, the voice of Dominic was heard on the wireless speakers. “Neighbors, revelers, and heathens. This is your host with the most. Show time’s in thirty minutes. We have a special guest of honor. He will be the lead, Mohammad Husayn please come to the theatre as soon as possible. Gamers prepare for battle.”
“That’s me.”
“You’re the lead?”
“Yea. I gotta go.”
“Sorry to hear that.”
“What do you mean?” She rubbed together her keloided wrists and avoided his eyes.
“I’ll find you after this so we can continue chatting.” “No you won’t.” Mohammad rocked back his head and frowned. “Because I’ll find you. Later gator.”
Mohammad toweled himself off and accepted Dominic’s invite from his wrist phone. A green arrow displayed in his Oculus lens, directing him toward the gaming theatre.

Once Mohammad navigated through the maze of hallways and rooms, he reached Dominic’s gaming theatre. Inside the main entry, he received a one-piece suit. Mohammad dressed over his street clothes and orbited the young men in a huddle. He overheard the gamers discussing strategies for their upcoming fight, retelling one another the earning of a past medal, and describing the pillaging of a town from a previous campaign. Dominic was in the center, pepping up his gaming soldiers. Dominic’s face lit up when he spotted, between shoulders, the Muslim Mongoose.
“Champ. Come here. Get in here.”
Mohammad marched through the group.
“Everyone. Listen. Is everyone here?”
“All players are accounted.”
Baldwin shouted over the crowd, looking at his computer tablet.
“This is Mohammad, obviously.”
Dominic’s arm lay on Mohammad’s shoulders.
“He’s leading us. Come Champ. Let me show you where the magic happens.” He led Mohammad and the competitors into the gaming theatre. This room was the size of a small gymnasium. “Have you played much augmented-virtual-reality games?” “I have a theatre at my home in Colorado. But, friends use it more than me.”
“Not in my house. I have the best theatre in the world. Fifty million viewers are gonna tune in and watch tonight.” Dominic stopped in his tracks. He paralleled his hands and fingers and pointed them at Mohammad, “It is the best.” He locked eyes with Mohammad.
“Porn is my business. Gaming is my passion.”
He continued walking. Mohammad stepped over a battle axe. He saw various laser guns piled up on the matted floor, next to a conestoga wagon under the black light.
“I have two techs working full time to keep all the applications updated and my network links connected. They just installed the Zeus F7 processor. The fastest memory on the market and highest clock speed money can buy. And the best news I bought these headsets yesterday.”
“No way?” One of the gamers said. A dozen head sets rested on a Mahogany tabletop, illuminated by an overhead spotlight. “The GX 1?” Another gamer said. In the group, a stocky thick-necked gamer started trying to speak, but only stuttered as he tried to pick up the GX 1. However, he was breathing too fast and fainted. The gamers watched him collapse. Heads made the plus symbol until Dominic responded, “Hmm? He’s out. Anyway, yes I sure did.”
“Dominic you da’ man.” A pimply-faced gamer said, stepping over the unconscious man.
“Richard’s gonna suck you off.” Another said in jest.
“Yea he bought us GX 1s.” Richard continued, “I’d def give him head.”
“No need boys. Win tonight that’s all you gotta do.” “Castle Wars is gonna be mint, cuz of these.” “Four thousand dots per inch.” Dominic said. “That’s right. You won’t see em.” Mohammad heard a gamer say. “Is that the game we’re playing?” Mohammad asked.
“The story unfolds tonight with our enemies scheduled to receive a shipment of gold, weapons, sex slaves.” Dominic paused. A player in the pack wolf whistled. A few others laughed at him. “And other exotic goods. We have fifteen minutes. Mohammad. You will be given the position of lead.” Dominic handed Mohammad the lightweight, coral-tinted goggles and webbed gloves. “You’ve never played, but don’t worry. You’ll be guided the whole way. Let’s go.”

The competitors placed their goggles over their heads. Mohammad put his goggles on and the game started. A quick advertisement by the game’s producer of another game appeared, followed by an introduction to the avatars of all the players. Mohammad’s equilibrium was thrown off as he moved around the virtual steppe. A bubble popped up in his vision. It instructed Mohammad to ask these questions to the group, ‘How many want to intercept the caravan and loot it, then return to camp? How many want to intercept the caravan, murder their defense, disguise themselves, then proceed to the enemy castle? The last option he presented to the gamers was to wait until news from scouts returned?’ The players huddled around Mohammad and voted. Mohammad took off the goggles briefly to look at each of the young men and compare how they were represented in the game and how a grassy ground was actually the rubber mat. He readjusted his goggles when the group agreed to charge the castle, under a false front of delivering goods.

Mohammad led the assault onto the caravan. After thirty minutes of multiple challenges, the players conquered the castle. Thus, Dominic called in the sex-slave characters. Two females came in with an unopened condom wrapper in each of their hands. They were dressed head to toe in a bodysuit. Those players that spent the most and were successful, were delivered these concubines in their virtual tents.
“Where the hell is my bitch!”
A gargoyle with a beard and tusks shouted between smoke and cinders in the wind.
“Dominic.” He was looking around with his red eyes, while the others continued to play the game. The two other men had condoms placed on their erections by the brunette and red head from the jacuzzi.
“Where the hell is Destiny?” A voice boomed from the cloudy night sky, within the game. It was Dominic screaming.
“Go to hell. I’m not sucking off another puny gremlin dick again.”
A feminine voice came from behind real bars of a fictitious mobile prison. Mohammad removed his goggles and there stood the woman from Alaska, as he suspected.
“Destiny you are nothing but trouble. You want me to fire you in front of the world?” Dominic asked.
“No. Cuz I quit.” Mohammad placed his goggles on the foam floor. “Am I getting a different woman? I captured the goddamn Wizard of Iceni!” The man who earlier returned to consciousness realized his fellow all stars were reaping the spoils of war and he could only grind his teeth in frustration. Mohammad saw a strong-willed woman being overpowered and he didn’t like it so he spoke, “Leave her alone. Dominic. Let me talk to her.”
“She’s my gameistress. Don’t interfere.” Mohammad chased after the gameistress.
“You can’t leave.” Dominic shouted. Mohammad walked past the players and clear hands, which were men and women paid to set up props. Everyone was speechless, as he gripped her tiny forearm and walked her out of the theatre into the corridor. Unbeknownst to Mohammad, after leaving the game, the foe’s clan playing out of a Dubai theatre discovered the absence of their lead and brought reinforcements to quickly smash Dominic’s players. Those tuning in around the globe to watch this battle and bet on the winner became angry at Mohammad.
“So you are a gameistress?” He asked her, tossing away his hood. “You? I told you. And you didn’t need to grab me.” She pulled the lime-green headgear down to reveal her face and long black hair.
“You sure?”
“Yea.” She shook her thick hair.
“You just quit your job.”
“I’ve quit better paying jobs.”
“But don’t you care? What about your bills? Where are you going?” “To dance.”
“I’ll go.”
“Who says I want you?” She was a pace ahead of Mohammad. He slowed down his chase. She turned around and said, “I kid. Don’t be such a pussy. You have the blow?”
“Yea.” He answered.
“I go where you go.” She said with her tiny hand suspended in front of him. He grabbed it. Together, they approached the loud speakers in the ball room. Destiny screamed something to Mohammad. The ex-champ could almost hear her, so read the text on his lens, ‘I’ll suck your dick for all of that.’ He never expected her to say such a thing to him. Mohammad didn’t want to abase her, because he had something she needed.
“You mustn’t say that. I’ll share it with you. Wait. What’s your name?”
“What?” He cupped his mouth next to her ear.
“I’ll give it to you if you tell me your name?”
“Destiny. You’re so sweet.” They entered the ball room. “Destiny.” Mohammad repeated her name. She grabbed his hand again and led the way. Mohammad followed instinctively her wide hips and peaches. He felt a large rock on her finger. She has money, he thought. As Mohammad walked behind her, he sensed the crowd’s attention focusing on them. Both wore no masks. Models, Genius stars, and a hundred other lions and lionesses of high society noticed Destiny and the fighter.

The ball room was crowded with masked people dancing like honeybees cracked out on nectar.
“This song goes out to Mohammad, give that man room on my dance floor y’all. He’s the champ still in all our hearts.” Mohammad didn’t know this, but many people in response huffed through their nostrils. The song’s bass thumped into people’s bone marrow. The beat went up and down and lasers pulsed over the crowd. Destiny was instantly recognized as a gameistress, because of her outfit. She charged through the crowd. Dancers were confused. Everyone’s attention was stolen by her presence. Women turned to look, because their men stopped grinding into them to see this voluptuous woman. Two masked exhibitionist stopped having sex on the dance floor to watch her and the MMA fighter. Destiny posted up in the center. Then, the beat’s frequency dropped and it became nearly silent. The quietness was for only a moment.

Suddenly, a booming C-note projected out from the speakers and confetti at that same time dropped from the ceiling. Mohammad kept two eyes on Destiny’s hips, as she started to dance. He reached out to touch her, but froze. I’m married, he thought. There’s nothing wrong with dancing on the other hand, he continued in his monologue as Destiny twerked her ass like a two-stroke turbocharged diesel engine. Mohammad slowly extended his left hand and touched her elbow, like an ape beneath a tree grasping the lowest fruit. He pulled her closer to him. Destiny moved close and Mohammad rest his cheek on her cheek. She bent over and aimed her moist axe wound toward him. He stretched his arms out and grabbed her soft shoulders with his hands. He instantly balled up her black hair and tugged on it, until her ass cheeks pinched his crotch. Mohammad slid his hands onto her butt. Gripping her cheeks with both hands was exhilarating. He had never done this with another woman. He then slid his hands back down to the sides of her hips. Mohammad felt the heat radiate from her crotch.

Destiny’s green suit was tight on her body, revealing every curve and contour of her frame. Destiny put her petite hands on his and raised them up to the sky.
There above them, between flashes of the strobe lights, he saw a blonde model wearing a leotard and angel wings on trapeze wires. She was gradually swinging across the room, delivering to the wealthiest guests a silver platter full of cocaine, etorphine, uppers, DiPT, and ampoules of DMHP. Basically, shit these animals caged behind a fence needed to heat up their night before the cold dawn.

One woman in the pen licked her lips, as the party platter dropped inches closer to her hands. A man in the know, boosted his buddy off his palms into the air. His friend swiped at the tray but missed. This army of crunks shook their open hands in the hopes of being handed the gifts. Just then, from far off, a man in a lizard-leather shirt and dope mustache closed the gap on this tiny blonde, leaped above the merrymakers and snagged the platter. He darted away with the dish, like a Caucasian Dave Brown. It was before them so long and vanished so instantly, the wasted luminaries of society instantly resorted to jawing each other, to get their hands on the person whom they believed deserved their aggression.
Far from this pandemonium, the oblivious disc jockey in tinted smart glasses bobbed his wet head and sucked on a lollypop. He had worked up a sweat working the mixer, synthesizer, keyboard and sequencers. The DJ let out a huge scream and said, “Hellll Yeaaaa! Get down or get up! Move! Move! Move! Move toward your dreams!” The melody hypnotized the people to rhythmically shake their hips. Men and women, men and men, women and women, and many other combinations fondled each other and kissed one another as the evening hit full stride.

Meanwhile, Mohammad gazed back down at Destiny. Only she was in his focus. He impulsively fondled her breasts. They barely fit in his hands and were firm. Mohammad waited for her to remove his hands. She repeatedly bumped her ass into his crotch. After a while, he spun Destiny around and raised her chin up to his. Mohammad thought of shocking her with a kiss. If she is permitting me to molest her this much, it should not be a problem, he thought. The two drew closer, as she slid her hand around his groin. But at a cunt hair’s width from him, she whipped back her soft large lips.

It just so happened, watching Mohammad at that second was a fly. The nerdy-looking, bare-faced man, in an OLED shirt of girls playing tongue hockey, was broadcasting an illegal signal through his smart glasses. It recorded Mohammad and Destiny’s encounter, fed it onto an onion network then onto a host website, which delivered the recording to three-hundred thousand subscribers who were paying top dollar to see what it was like to attend Dominic’s party.

Simultaneously, in Denver Colorado, Angelica leaned forward on her husband’s bed. She tossed away the teddy bear being cuddled and covered her mouth. Searing into Angelica’s vision was her man, Mohammad, dancing with a strange woman. Angelica immediately sized up the woman for being white and having bigger breasts than her and a nicer ass. She saw her husband spin the black-haired model around and kiss her. Angelica felt a shooting pain in her chest and a paralysis of her lungs. She never had this feeling in her life, because she was raised to be a virgin until marriage. This daughter of a congressman was confused about her own emotions. Why? Why would he be kissing a woman and allowing her body to be grinding on his like that, she asked. This allegedly-faithful man of hers was giving his affections and more, to a woman that resembled a mattress actress. Angelica’s wrist phone was on the bed. She spoke to it, “Call.” She paused to stare at the video recording of calves, sparkling high-heels, and dress shoes scrambling away from the lens, for at that moment security swatted the fly.
She continued, “Samantha.” The phone rang. Her friend answered the phone.
“Sup bitch?”
“Samantha. Oh my God. I just …I just… saw Mohammad kissing a girl.”
“What? Where?” Angelica pressed her hand into her heart, as she spoke.
“In Vegas. He’s at a gaming party. He kissed some white woman.” “Oh no you didn’t.” She clicked her fingertips and long nails, and continued, “You there now?”
“No. I’m at home.”
“You need to jump on a plane and go find his dune-coon ass.”

“Yea don’t even call him neither. You go down there tonight. Hop on a plane. And confront his cheating ass, red-handed.” Angelica was breathing deeply into the microphone.
“I should. Oh my gosh. I’m hyperventilating. I can’t believe this. Why? What did I do?” “Girl calm down.” “I’m gonna call him. Or no. I shouldn’t? What the heck? This can not be happening. How could he? Why would he do that to us? It’s not like him.” “It is like him. He’s a man. I told you religion don’t mean shit to men. And don’t you dare call him. You sneak up on his ass. Fight fire with fire. Ya hear?”
“I don’t know what to do.”
“I’m coming over there girl!”
“No. Don’t.”
“You need to fly out to Vegas and smack his ass around like the cheating scumbag that he is babe. Men! Oh no! I can not believe this shit? This is your chance to shine boo.”
“Go out there? Now? But I can’t. He’ll get mad.”
“Yea. Go out there. And divorce his ass.” Samantha shouted.
“The Fateh is in Vegas.”
“If his jet is out there, buy a commercial flight.” “What if he sees me buy a ticket?” “Hide it.” “Will you come with me if I go?” There was a pause. “I’ll pay for your ticket.” “Aright. Yea. Lemme know girl.” Samantha replied.

Angelica raced down the steps with her Louis Vuitton roller bag and her head wrapped in a veil. She and Samantha had a flight departing at 3 am. Angelica yelled out to Genius to lock the house up after she closed the front door. She hopped in their Tesla Sedan.
“Genius. Disable all broadcast and connection, except for GPS.”
“Please enter passcode or use biometric identification to disable broadcast.” A voice actress responded on the car’s speakers. “What would Mohammad use?”
“That is incorrect. Please try again, or use biometric identification.” Angelica thought of the passcode. She typed in 03-12-28, Mohammad’s first day in America. “Connection to mobile network disabled. Safety assistance is not in use at this time.”
“Turn off Mobinus.” Angelica said.
“Please enter passcode or use biometric identification to begin manual driving capability.” Again, she typed in the password. “Autonomous vehicle navigation is disabled. Please remember to obey all local traffic rules. Stay four seconds behind the automobile directly in front of you relative to stationary objects. Scan your surroundings. Keep your eyes moving. Thank you.” Angelica pulled the gear stick into drive and stomped on the accelerator, like she was extinguishing a wild flame. She drove around their looped driveway.
“Call Samantha.” There was the sound of a phone ringing.
“Hey girl.”
“Hey boo. How you doing?”
“I can’t … I can’t believe this.” Samantha heard Angelica crying. “You need to stop playing yourself. He’s probably been doing this for a long time. He’s a no good fool for playing you and doesn’t deserve you. Never has. He’s only acted a humble man cuz that’s his facade. I always knew he was too good to be true. His true colors finally came out tonight.”
“I feel like he … he is upset with me. Or maybe he’s stressed.” Angelica couldn’t pronounce words and kept using her sleeves for soaking up tears.
“Stop. He’s a liar. All this time him pretending to be this saint. Turns out he’s a typical no good man.”
“But he doesn’t do these things. I know.” Angelica’s breathing shuffled between deep gulps of air and shallow gasps, as she cried and cried.
“Calm down girl. Forget him. He’s gonna be the victim. Where you at?”
“I’m coming over to pick you up.” She slowly spoke. “What time’s our flight?”
“Damn. Ok.” Angelica listened to her friend. “Nobody in this life is allowed to play with your emotions! It’s like our imam said greedy people are the cause of all trouble in the world.”
“I know.”
Angelica let out another deep moan from the pain of her heart being squashed by the hands of a man she loved. The image of Mohammad kissing a strange female played over and over in her mind.
“So, you’ll be here soon?”
“You better! And when you are single and we’re in Vegas together. Ohhhh maaann! We’re shopping.” There was a pause in their conversation. Angelica snickered and said, “I’m excited.”
“See you boo’.”
“Love you.”
“Drive safe.” Samantha said. The call ended. Angelica’s thoughts were consumed with Mohammad’s unfaithfulness. Angelica compressed the gas pedal and the vehicle’s tires spun faster over East Alameda Avenue’s pavement. She gripped the steering wheel tighter to compensate for her increased speed. Through the droplets of tears, oncoming headlights refracted rainbows. The headlights blinded her watery eyes and she raised her sleeve up and wiped dry her eyelashes again, only to have them replenished with more tears from the following sob. In her hysteria she heard a beeping noise. Beep. Beep. Beep. It distracted her from looking at the infrared screen built into the vehicle’s console, which was showing trouble ahead. The vehicle was warning the driver of approaching chevron signs and whilst executing the turn a lone, male deer appeared in the road.
“Oh shut up! Mohammad. Why?” The two beings quickly reached each other and the vehicle did not slow, as the car was programmed to do in this situation. Then, Angelica saw the buck. She thought, at that exact moment, I hope it jumps off the road. Angelica knew she had no control over the animal’s movement and felt helpless. She punched her horn and stomped the accelerator, instead of the intended brake pedal. The horned animal did not leap into the brush, but stayed in front of her. She studied the horned-creature in front of her car. Two stars, which were the creature’s optic nerves reflecting headlights, came racing toward her. I’m hitting you, she thought all this in a tenth of a jiffy. Instinctively, Angelica jerked the wheel. Her view of the world, through the windshield, flipped upside down, as this self-illuminating box of metal raced off the road. The deer, frightened by the lights and noises, leaped with powerful leg muscles into the darkness. Meanwhile, inside the cab, a seat belt held this petite body in place. However, the vehicle’s front was crushed by a deep-rooted tree.

Angelica’s senses were snatched in the blink of an eye. Her consciousness never recognized what happened. Angelica’s mind comprehended the speeding and a deer in front of her vehicle. For, her next train of thought was never possible, because everything was abruptly nothing and nothing was suddenly, everything!

Break, break. Can’t have you thinking about shit that’s unimportant, as I tell you this epic tale. Trust me, what your worrying about right now is of no consequence. I’m gonna stop here, so you can concentrate better when you return to the story.